Hi, and welcome to the LR Look website. Let me introduce myself. I’m Laurie Rubin, a jewelry lover who became a designer in 2007 when realizing that I had a vast array of ideas and designs for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in my head I actually wanted to make tangible. I also happen to be blind. “How can a blind person design something so visual as jewelry if she’s never seen color?” you may ask. The answer is complicated, but I’ll give you the short story. I am thankfully in possession of my four other senses, so I listen to people talk about color and which combinations look good together, I associate colors with smells, tastes, and textures, and I use a visual sense of color that I must have inherited from a past life or something equally unexplainable. When someone says the word blue, “Several images come to mind, some of which I cannot attribute to my other four senses. Most importantly, vision or no vision, I am a girl through and through, and I enjoy fashion, and taking it to an artistic level, something that will help make a statement about oneself.

Since the LR Look’s debut at a jewelry party hosted by one of my mom’s friends in April, 2007, this line of jewelry has been sold in boutiques in New York and LA as well as many private shows.

If you’re a woman like me who enjoys lots of texture, striking color combinations, and some pizaz in your jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. I view jewelry as being similar to a personal fragrance in that it is meant to compliment each person’s special aura. There’s nothing like the swoosh or jingle of beads to add to the sound of a woman laughing, or that extra sparkle to dress up a beautiful outfit. In addition to the increasing amount of designs I offer, I am also thrilled by the artistic challenge of creating specific, one-of-a-kind pieces upon request. If you are interested in my creating a piece for yourself or a special friend or loved one, please feel free to contact me, and I would be more than happy to discuss the making of the perfect piece for that person based on the colors you have in mind, the personality and style that best fits her, and the most comfortable price range for you.